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Roofing Surveys

Receive great advice

Even if you think your roof is in good condition, it is often great advice to check the condition to pick up on the minor niggles and fix them before it becomes a major issue costing thousands. Most the time however, we are called out due to a leak and it is at this stage, the cost of repairs can spiral.

We offer a roof survey quotation

Cox roofing in Exmouth and Exeter offer a  roof survey to inspect the condition of the roof and provide a report upon the condition of the roof. Furthermore, we offer this with no obligation to use or follow our findings.

Not every roof survey we carry out means there is something wrong with your roof and in this situation, it is enough for us to leave our client with peace of mind. Othertimes, we can have caught issue early, fixing them for a fraction of the cost compared to when these minor issues become a major issue.

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