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Do you need someone to look at your roof’s leadwork

If you need to replace lead on your roof, whether it be in a small area such as around the chimney, or on the whole roof we can help. Our workmanship is guaranteed for 10 years.

Lead sheet is a proven and long lasting building material and is famed for its malleability. It is this malleability that makes it perfect for dressing multi-curved contours, for example, roof tiles and chimneys helping to make your roof fully watertight.

It is, however, very important for Cox Roofing of Exeter and Exmouth, to remember the basic rules:
  • We use the correct length for the intended job
  • We securely fix the lead sheet into position without restricting thermal movement
  • We use the correct screws and nails (eg ones with a similar life expectancy of the lead sheet)

We make sure we have done our research about all the materials we use. Making sure we always use them correctly. This ensures we can fit and fix leadwork to your home or commercial building with our 10 year guarantee!